Find 2017 New Nike MercurialX Proximo II All At

We have already brushed upon the incredibly vibrant Nike MercurialX Proximo II IC (Black/Total Crimson) release that hit the market last month, but we figured they were well worth a follow-up with new images! For those that play indoor soccer, this is a shoe that brings explosive speed to the small-sided game with a locked-down fit and low-profile traction. Basically, it is full blown speed remixed for small sided soccer.

When it comes to that locked-down fit, it is all about the Dynamic Fit collar that slips over your ankle for a seamless fit, locking your foot in place. It is the same fit and shape offered by the Superfly series, ensuring players familiar with the high-profile speed Nike MercurialX Proximo II soccer boot have something to compare to.

From that mid-cut collar down through where a tongue would normally be, things a little different. Why? Because this is a tongue-less Flyknit design, with Flywire cables seamlessly integrated to provide stretch and support.Available from

To round out the upper. you get a one-piece micro-textured Flyknit for a barefoot touch. And in typical Nike fashion, things have been dramatically altered to create an extremely unique look.

By now you will have noticed that they feature a multi-color, Black/Total Crimson woven Flyknit material at soccer bp shop. It makes for an unmistakable look, although it is similar to one.Even so, this version creates a completely different look thanks to the black mid-cut collar and the additional definition through the midfoot created by FlyWire.

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